It seems so easy to put the finishing touches to your new red look. You simply find a lipstick in the same red and you are set with your makeup.

But nothing is ever that simple. A similar shade of red may not be available. Some other makeup color may work as well -- or better. According to Estee Lauder, choosing makeup for wearing red takes more than usual care.

"Red is such an attention-getter that makeup has to be more finished and not so casual," Lauder says."It is a myth to consider that lips and nails must match the dress exactly. But you do have to stick to the same color family, like a blue-red or a yellow-red." The nails and lips are often better off in a softer color than the fabric.

A good general rule is to put on more makeup than usual, but to strive for a lucent, porcelain quality rather than a painted appearance. Neatness counts. Use a lip outline pencil, for example, rather than just a lipstick. Take extra care with your nails.

Bright red clothes demand more cheek color, to keep in balance with the lips, says Lauder, while neutrals are best for the eyes. One eye color suggested for fall is khaki green. You should avoid bright colors around the eyes that might compete with the bright colors of the clothes. Foundation should always match your skin tone and a translucent powder gives a good finished look.

Red clothes were once considered off limits to redheads. "But redheads, like blonds and brunettes, have always liked the color red on stage. It gets everyone's heart beating," says Bob Mackie, who designs for Cher, Ann Margaret, Diana Ross, Carol Burnett and other stars. "But it is tough in the raw. It can't be worn with no makeup at all."