At the annual Gridiorn Club dinner last month, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.) was as tart-tongued as ever, taking out after the opposition with cracks like these:

On OMB chief David Stockman: "Stockman is peerless. I have never known a man capable of such sustained self-hypnotic ideological fervor. One day he arrives at Harvard preaching the infallibility of Ho Chi Minh. Next thing you know he turns up in Washington proclaiming the immutability of the Laffer curve."

On Secretary of State Alexander Haig: "Al's a good man. But how could a simple soldier like him ever believe that there could be such a thing as a conspiracy in the Oval Office?"

To Ronald Reagan: "Back in 1962 when you resigned from Americans for Democratic Action, renounced the New Deal and turned Republican, all the press could figure out was that you wanted to make a living. Little did they suspect that the old mole was at work. Winter was coming. Some of us had to burrow. Remember the chant? "Infiltrate Be like the founders Of the welfare state Pretend to be Aristocracy Dupe the wealthy Be cunning and stealthy And steadily infiltrate

"But who would have dreamed you'd make it all the way to the White House and institute the basic plan to destroy the Republican Party from within?"