Louis E. Hannen has been named director of regional research of Wheat, First Securities Inc. He will be in charge of Wheat's Richmond-based regional research department, which covers most of the publicly held companies in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, D.C.

James C. McCulloch has been named director of security/facilities for CTEC Inc., a systems design and development firm in Falls Church.

Mark Feldman, former deputy legal adviser to the Department of State, has become counsel to the law firm of Donovan Leisure Newton & Irvine.

Curran W. Harvey has been elected chief executive officer of T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. of Baltimore. He was elected president last year.

Thomas E. Crowell has been named a senior vice president of Holladay-Tyler Printing Corp. of Rockville.

Susan Aldeen Peltz has joined the Old Town Alexandria office of Cal Simmons Travel as a travel agent.

Sally Safford, sales and public relations representative with the Credit Bureau Inc., has been named Credit Woman of the Year by the District XII International Consumer Credit Association.

Wesley D. Boles has been appointed executive director of Ventana Associates Inc., a consulting firm specializing in Mexico-U.S. trade and business relations.

Emily A. Sopensky has joined Future Enterprises Inc. as marketing representative to provide representational services to private sector technology-based clients interested in government procurement and policy.

Richard A. Farland has joined the Winchester office of Wheat, First Securities Inc. as an account executive.

George Segovis has been appointed sales manager for Southern Distributors Inc.

David P. Barnhill, Eleanor A. Young and Richard P. Stifel Jr. have joined Johnston, Lemon & Co. Inc. as members of the firm's coporate finance group.

Joyce Wehrle has been appointed vice president of the Washington Executive Group, a holding company whose subsidiaries are involved in consulting, export/import and recruiting activities.

J. Gilbert Nettleson Jr., corporate vice president of marketing for Fairchild Industries, and Robert E. Herzstein, former undersecretary of Commerce, have been elected to the board of directors of Survival Technology Inc. of Bethesda.

Clifford M. Brownstein has been appointed firm administrator for the certified public accounting firm of Aronson, Greene, Fisher & Co., Chartered.

Technassociates Inc., a 7-year-old, minority-owned firm, recently has reorganized and made new appointments. Marvin Zentner, formerly executive vice president/director of operations has been appointed executive vice president for operations. Walter Rolling has been named director of operations for information resource management. Alex Kreithen has been named director of operations for science and technology. James Wagner has been appointed director of marketing and Edward Murray has been named director of quality assurance and planning.

R. Meredith Haynes has been promoted to director of technical operations for the Litton Computer Services division of Litton Industries in Reston. f

Janet Daunoras has been named director of promotions for Anne Schwab's Model Store, a supplier of talent and convention services.

Marcella Allingham has been named project analyst in the Washington office of Environetics International Inc., an office interior architecture firm.