Various investors, including Rep. Charles Wilson (D-Tex.) aren't the only ones disappointed by the turn of events involving a promoter named Paul Brown and his plans for making a television soap opera set in Washington. Wilson's friend, the model and Playboy cover girl Liz Wickersham, was supposed to have had a role in the production, according to Wilson, who invested $29,000 in the project touted last year by Brown. The project is apparently defunct. Wilson said last month he's cooperating with a California investigation into Brown's business dealings but he's "written off" his $29,000 investment. Wickersham was last spotted in Los Angeles on the arm of Frank Sinatra's confidant, New York restaurateur Jilly Rizzo.

After Alexander Haig's controversial performance in the wake of the shooting of the president, Washington insiders told a new joke that went this way: The secretary of state learned two new words the other day . . . "Ronald Reagan."

Don't look twice, it's all right. Ted Kennedy's press secretary, Bob Shrum, moves around town taking an unlit cigarette in and out of his mouth. He's trying to quit smoking.

In a June cover story on Elizabeth Taylor Warner, The Sunday Times Magazine of London noted her dislike for American journalists' fascination with her weight. But hubby Sen. John Warner must have special privileges: He's quoted as referring fondly to his wife as "my little heifer."