The eldest son of Orlando Letelier -- the outspoken critic of Chile's military junta who was killed when a bomb exploded beneath his car on embassy row five years ago -- is Mr. September in a 1982 "fantasy calendar" published by a Los Angeles male striptease club.

For 24-year-old Chris Letelier, it's part of a rough road to a career in dancing and acting.

"You're only young once, so I'm out here grabbing the apples and enjoying it," says Letelier from his Santa Monica apartment.

Letelier is prouder of his several commercials and movie roles than he is of his page in the calendar produced by Chippendales, a well-known Los Angeles nightclub.One night a week Chippendales presents women who mud wrestle for appreciative male audiences. But six nights a week Letelier works as a host to the mainly female audience that comes to ogle male strippers and dancers.

"They've asked me to be a dancer a million times," says Letelier, "but I feel at this point I don't ever want to be a stripper." He was paid $150 to pose in a red bikini brief for the 1982 calendar of beefcake that Chippendales is selling around the country.

Letelier, graduated in 1979 from Georgetown University with a dual major in foreign affairs and marine and environmental studies. He says he then became Leonard Bernstein's "protege" during Bernstein's work on his revival of "West Side Story." Then Letelier headed west to begin a career as a dancer and actor.

Letelier says he has appeared in a couple of made-for-television movies, most recently acting as a male exotic dancer in a movie based on the life and death of Playmate Dorothy Stratten.

But in case the show business career doesn't work out, Letelier is preparing to take his Graduate Record Examination before enrolling in graduate studies of international economics.