Can you believe it's been a whole year since our last item about a swimming pool featuring a mosiac of Washington hairdresser Charles Stinson? It's true, so here's this year's pool, owned by Victor and Lidia Orellana. She's manager of Charles the First, haircutters to the chic, and Stinson is godfather to the Orellanas' son.

When the Orellanas decided to build a pool at their Vienna, Va., home, they asked artist John Bailey to do his stuff. Last year Bailey designed a mosaic of a tap dancing Fred Astaire for the bottom on Stinson's pool. And earlier he completed one of Marilyn Monroe for the pool Stinson owned when he and colleague Roi Banard shared a home on 16ht Steet.,

Anyway, the 1981 version features Stinson in his tap dancing regalia-- white tie and tails--with Kermit the Frog on his shoulder, Miss Piggy as a mermaid and the Orellanas' son and daughter, Dino and Nicole, at his side. Oh, there's also a family of five ducks, which happened to be what godfather Stinson gave Dino for his second birthday last April. It's all in "truly magnificent" color, says Stinson, who has become something of an expert on this subject. Can anyone top this next year?