In case you missed the last issue of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, that was 23-year-old Maura Moynihan on the high fashon cover. The only daughter of New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Maura has, since her days as a Harvard student, been a punk rocker. Among the groups she's sung, danced and played the drums with are The Dull, The Beatmones, the Sexventures and, more recently in New York, The Same.

"I have three passions in my life," she told Interview. "Pop music, politics and India. The Beatles are responsible for my love of music: they are my mentors, my idols, my super gods, my everything."

Maura Moynihan says she was "bored stiff" at Harvard, from which she graduated with a degree in comparative religion and English literature. So now, while dad gears up for a tough reelection race, daughter Maura is living in New York and trying to break into advertising, movies or the musical big time. She says she gets along fine with her parents, and, after all, "a lot of the same skills are required to perform on stage as in the political area--but, of course, the outcome is completely different." Yes.