What's the story behind the allegation that the head of the National Rifle Association once used a gun to kill someone?

Harlan Carter, the new president of the NRA, was convicted--50 years ago--of shooting to death a Hispanic youth by the name of Ramon Cassiano. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned Carter's conviction, saying the lower court had not given fair hearing to his plea of self-defense. Mention of the killing by gun control proponents enrages Carter, who says he "continues to regret the incident deeply." At the NRA convention in Denver this summer, Washington freelance writer Jay Gourley, working for the National Enquirer, angered NRA brass by donning a name tag that read "Ramon Cassiano" in an attempt to attract Carter's attention. It didn't work.

How old is Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, now on tour of the United States, and is it true that his dentist fills Jagger's cavaties with precious gems?

Jagger, a middle-class Briton who dropped out of the London School of Economics to become a rock idol, is 38 years old. He used to have an emerald set into an upper right lateral incisor, but friends told him it looked like a fleck of spinach. So he had it replaced with a small, expensive diamond.