Cindy Manion is Washington's latest gift to Hollywood. She plays a dormitory coed in the opening scene of Brian de Palma's newest thriller, "Blow Out" _she's the one dancing in the pink Danskin as a killer stalks the halls. Her association with de Palma led to representation by New York's Ford Talent Agency, and now Manion is aiming for more and bigger screen roles. At 22, she's shedding the cheesecake look that earned her covers on magazines such as Baltimore and opting for high fashion. "I thought I'd change my image this year," she says, "and stop being sexy and bouncy and running down Hecht's runways with oversized bottles of Coppertone." That's the 1980 Cindy pictured above; this year's model is here on the right. When she's not modeling, Manion raises three siblings. Her mother died of leukemia two years ago, and while her father, a retired Air Force officer, helps support the children, he liv Kondracke: "He's our affirmative action Dartmouth person" ... "We've Got the Travelbug" is the name of a consumer-oriented travel tabloid edited by Stephanie Bialick, a McLean writer and former New York magazine editor ... Penguin Productions of Silver Spring, with backing from Goodyear, releases a documentary film about the Taj Mahal. Director and producer is James Messenger, academy award nominee for his film about the treasures of King Tut.