Is Paula Parkinson still living in Washington? What is she doing for a living, and when is her kiss-and-tell book due out?

Parkinson is unemployed and living in Dallas, near her parents. She and her husband

Hank separated last January, before news of her affairs with several Republican congressmen became public knowledge. The couple is now seeking a divorce. Although Paula Parkinson is still hopeful for a book contract, a deal with a New York paperback publisher earlier this year fell through just before Parkinson signed a contract.

Last month Larry and Althea Flynt--the couple who publish Hustler magazine--announced their intention to seek a divorce. Who gets the magazine?

For the moment, the question is moot; three weeks ago the Flynts agreed to reconcile.

Didn't Kathleen Turner, the actress who moves a man to murder in the movie "Body Heat," get her start in the Washington area?

According to Charles Paul Freund, writing in The Washington Tribune, Turner attributes her role in the afternoon soap opera "The Doctors" to contacts, particularly former designer George Spaulding, she made while at Arena Stage. Her soap role was Turner's most substantial one until she snared the lead (and earned critical acclaim) in "Body Heat."