POW ZAP BAM. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and friends have come to enlighten their devotees about good food in The Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook by Mark Saltzman, Judy Garlan and Michele Gradner. Designed to teach earthlings that healthy food is good, tasty and fun to cook, the book is filled with information that will lead future chefs towards the road to nutrition. From tools one needs to "super suggestions," each recipe is illustrated with step-by-step cartoon instructions and color photographs of the finished feast. Imagine banana splits for breakfast (hold the ice cream -- this one uses cottage cheese), or krypton krunch cereal (with no sugar) washed down with Wonder Woman's natural soda pop (fizzy orange juice). Combat Saturday morning commercials: you know Super Heroes always win.

The Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook, $8.95. Brentano's, 1326 F St. NW, 5508 Wisconsin Ave., and at Prince George's Plaza, Lake Forest Mall and Seven Corners Shopping Center. BANANA SMOOTHIE FOOD YOU NEED: 1 Cup Skim or Whole Milk 2 Tablespoons Yogurt 1 Egg 1 Banana (broken up in pieces) 1 Teaspoon Honey (if you want) TOOLS YOU NEED: Measuring Cup Measuring Spoons Blender 1 PUT ALL INGREDIENTS INTO BLENDER. 2 WHIP FOR ONE MINUTE UNTIL SMOOTH