Last month the Polish government denied a visa to AFL--CIO chief Lane Kirkland, who wanted to attend the Solidarity union's national convention. Apparently there's pleanty of room in Poland for good old American capitalists, though.

If everything goes accorording to schedule, a group of about 30 influential American business executives arrive this weekend in Poland on the first leg of a deluxe tour orgainzed by Time, Inc. The publishing giant is chartering a TWA jet with first-class-only seats to wing the group to Poland, the Soviet Union, other Eastern European countries and then on to the Persian Gulf. Among the tentative stops are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Among participants planning to take the world tour are Robert Anderson, chairman of Rockwell International, Frank Pace, president of International Executive Service Corps, Donald Perkins, chairman of the executive committee of Jewel Co., and Thomas Watson, chairman emeritus of IBM. Fellow travelers include Time execs Henry Grunwald, Ralph Davidson and James Shepley.

The business leaders will share the cost of the trip--which may be as much as $1 million--with Time. And among the Polish hierarchy with whom the execs meet is Solidarity leader Lech Walesa. Maybe someone will send Lane Kirkland a "wish you were here" post card.