The review of Hunan & Szechuan Village published in the Fall Dining Guide (Sept. 27) gave an incorrect address and telephone number for the restaurant. A correct version of the review follows:

Hunan & Szechuan Village

4701 Columbia Pike, Arlington. 979-2229.

L $2.25-$4.25, D $4.95-$7.95. L daily except Sat, Sun, D daily. Closed Mon. Reservations accepted only for parties of five or more. Free parking. Full bar.

The menu at this unexpectedly superior new Chinese restaurant boasts so many unusual offerings that one should take a fairly large group so that you can sample everything. Among appetizers, the scallion-flavored chicken toast is delicate and gently crisp, excellent dipped in plum sauce. Interesting in texture and concept but not quite as successful are the fried meat balls (chopped beef and water chestnuts rolled in bean cured skin and fried). Spiced cabbage Szechuan style, sharp but complex in taste, does just what an appetizer should do: make you eager for the rest of the meal. The entrees, while generally tasty and carefully prepared, aren't uniformly excellent, but many are memorable, including light and spicy dan dan noodles and hot spicy beef tripe. Order boldly and the chef may surprise you with a gift from the kitchen. One evening he sent us a plate of delicious sauteed ginger buds, which combine the texture of walnuts and the taste of mild ginger. What contributes most to the pleasures of this suburban restaurant are the skills and enthusiasm of the chef and the charm, efficiency and prodigious memories of his sons, who work the tables.