"On Saturn, I am a big businessman," announced Danny, 9, munching on a brownie he just baked. "I own summer and Henrik owns winter. We visit each other on our off seasons, and whenever we have time."

"You are crazy," said Danny's 12-year-old brother. "Henrik is back in Sweden. His father is a diplomat, and diplomats go back to their country. Everyone knows that."

"Keep your voices down," mother intervened, "I don't think our neighbors would like to hear all this. But I must say that Danny is getting to be quite a baker. These brownies are delicious."

Danny didn't even say thank you. "Saturn is my favorite planet," he said. "Me and Henrik ride our bicycles on Saturn's rings. The rings move all the time, changing speed and even direction. There isn't another place in the world, I mean the universe, where there is so much fun."

"Danny, have you done your homework?" mother suddenly remembered.

"Mom, you just haven't been to other planets," Danny said. "You don't know how different they are from earth, how much fun they are. This earth is boring. I mean BORING!"

"What do you mean I don't know other planets?" mother rose to the challenge. "Dad and I went to Mercury on our honeymoon."

"Mercury?" Danny sounded incredulous. "Mercury is really, really hot. It may be the hottest planet there is. You must have walked around without any clothes on."

"It was their honeymoon, you dumbbell," older brother said. "It's all right to be without any clothes on a honeymoon. But if you think that Saturn is any less hot than Mercury, you are crazy."

"I know Saturn," Danny said. "I was born there like all rock musicians. Saturn is where rock musicians live. Me and Henrik will be rock musicians too."

"I thought only you and Henrik lived on Saturn," said mother.

"Actually, I was only joking," Danny said. "I haven't really been anywhere--I mean on any other planet. And the chances are that I won't get out of this earth. It's sad. My chances of going to another planet are infinity to one. Or maybe infinity-minus-one to one. Saturn is too far--not even astronauts will go there. It's really sad."

"You think you have to explain all that, Danny?" older brother said. "Do you think Mom believed you when you said you've been to Saturn? She knows you were born here. On earth. She is our mother you know. She knows. She'd better."

"Oh, that's okay, Danny," mother said. "I like your space travel--as long as you stay here on earth."

"Do you mean that I can go to Sweden and visit Henrik? Sweden is on this earth and I miss Henrik."

"Not this month, Danny," mother said. "But have another brownie."

"Brownie?" Danny said. "They're not brownies. They are browns. Everybody else bakes brownies. I bake browns."