How do you trim your tree--with an eclectic selection of treasured ornaments or a collection of trimmings that carry out a theme? Here are some of both.

The Homestead Collection of pressed sawdust and epoxy resin ornaments offers an old-fashioned alternative to glittery Christmas balls. These superbly detailed old-fashioned dolls are hand-painted and carved (some using dental tools) to achieve intricate lace patterns and antique luster, and are superbly detailed and historically correct as antique reproductions. Light and durable, they could be purchased a few at a time to achieve an old-fashioned look. They're $6 to $8.50 (depending on size) at The Cranberry Box/Windham Antiques, 3742 Howard Ave., Kensington, Md. 20895 (933-3750).

Bright and cheery ornaments made by an American living in Guatemala would bring a touch of Christmas the way it's celebrated in sunny climes.

These colorful, sturdy fabric-covered figures come in sets of 12 at $24 postpaid that typically include include a bell, candy cane, elephant, mouse, Christmas tree, dog, giraffe, donkey, reindeer, bird, apple and gingerbread man. (Available in a limited number of sets from Clifford J. Munz, Box 133, Glenn Dale, Md. 20769 (301/794-7651).

Eggs are not just for Easter--after all, we associate the egg with new life. Fragile ornaments from U.S.-China Friendship Center (3235 P St. NW, 463-6199) include hand-painted duck eggs that feature the Chinese carp, symbolizing prosperity, and New Year child ($5.50), a Chinese landscape ($4.65) and a Chinese maiden ($4.25). Hang them on your tree with their colorful, tasseled strings.