Last August a fan of Eugene McCarthy's formed a committee whose goal was to put McCarthy back in the Minnesota Senate seat he held 12 years ago. McCarthy wasn't against the idea ("I find my poetic muse is sort of intermittent, and a little interrupton might revive it") and promised a decision by autumn. Today McCarthy says he won't decide for another month or so, after he makes a few lectures in the state. But he's optimistic: "As far as we have any position," says McCarthy, "it's positive."

It was much ado about almost nothing when Darlene Aubrey, a U.S. Navy petty officer stationed in Washington, posed partially nude for Playboy magazine. Early last year the Navy made nationwide headlines when it filed court-martial charges against Aurbey, charging her, among other things, with improper wearing of her uniform and with conduct deleterious to the Navy. After the dust settled, the Navy granted her an honorable discharge and the last Aubrey's lawyer, Philip Hirschkop, or Playboy heard, she was living in suburban Virginia and working as a secretary for a Washington law firm... We brought you the early news, now here are the final results: Born to NBC White House correspondent Judy Woodruff, a son, Jeffrey, who so far has been photographed (with a little help from Dad, Wall Street Journal reporter Al Hunt) in the arms of almost every major political figure in town... Women's Wear Daily scribe Susan Watters is mother to a second son, Andrew... and Sheila Weidenfeld's second son went two months without a name until his parents settled on Daniel.