Playboy magazine begins the new year looking like a champion seer with an interview in its current edition (dated February) with Lech Walesa. The magazine closes two to three months ahead of its appearance on newsstands, and subscribers received the issue three days before Time magazine named Walesa its "Man of the Year" ... For years, journalists familiar with the shenanigins of the National Enquirer have predicted a movie about the bizarre reporting techniques of the supermarket tabloid. Now, a September Washington Monthly cover story titled "I KILLED GIG YOUNG!" by Jay Gourley has been optioned for a movie by TransCinema. Gourley is the Washington writer whose exploits on behalf of the Enquirer are legendary, beginning with his ransacking of Henry Kissinger's trash years ago.

First there were city magazines, then state magazines, now there's a county magazine--Prince George's County, to be specific. It's a quarterly called Prince George's Magazine that publisher Richard Scott is launching partly by convincing clubs and organizations to sell subscriptions as fundraising projects ... And, darlings, The Post's Ear columnist, Diana McLellan, inks pact with Arbor House to write a tongue-in-cheek nonfiction book about Washington. Due out this summer, the working title is Ear's Guide to Washington. Watch that space. .. They laughed when a stuffed animal resembling a sheep and named Bertie Ramsbottom sat down to write a column on economic and national affairs. Now he's a weekly contributor to The Financial Times of London. A couple of years ago a Washington native, Ariana Windle, and her British husband Ralph began writing sonnets parodying current events. They bought a toy sheep from F. A. O. Schwarz and ascribed the sonnets to him at public readings and on radio appearances in England where they live. The British sense of humor being what it is, the sheep, Bertie Ramsbottom, now writes every Wednesday for the management page of The Financial Times.

P.S. to Henry Kissinger. The memoirs of former undersecretary of state George Ball will be published in March by W.W Norton. Ball puts in historical perspective his early opposition to America's involvement in Vietnam.