What happened to the two clever morning disc jockeys on WRQX, Doug Limerick and Dude Walker? About four weeks ago Limerick was made the station's news director. Walker says he was fired and is considering other job offers. Who is negotiating quarterback Joe Theismann's new contract with the Washington Redskins?

Cleveland agent Edward J. Keating is working to make Theismann a rich man beginning with the next football season. Keating

made his name in 1976 when he negotiated a

deal with the New York Giants for Larry

Csonka that was reportedly in excess of $1

million. Said Keating shortly after closing that deal: "By the time my grandchildren are sports fans, stars may be signing for $7 million or more." In the course of his pre-Christmas speech to the nation about Poland, President Reagan encouraged Americans to place lighted candles in their windows. He said, "Once, earlier in this century, an evil influence threatened that the lights were going out all over the world." What was he talking about? Reagan or his speechwriters may have misunderstood a famous observation made by Edward, Viscount Grey of Fallodon, in August 1914 as World War I began. Standing near a window at his room in the Foreign Office and watching lamplighters turning on the gas lights in St. James's Park, he remarked: "The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."