What do you buy as a wedding gift for a gay couple? Early this month several hundred people attended a "rite of blessing" of the relationship between hair salon owner Charles Stinson and dance instructor Garrey Hayes. At the service performed by the Rev. Larry Uhrig, pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church, Stinson and Hayes were serenaded and toasted by friends, some of whom were unsure about etiquette in the gift-giving department.

According to Stinson, traditional wedding gifts are appropriate--which should be good news for those invited to attend next month's ceremony between Lambda Rising bookstore owner L. Page (Deacon) MacCubbin and James M. Bennett.

"The gifts are still arriving, and we haven't opened them all," Stinson said. Early gifts included sterling silver wine goblets, a Cuisinart and crystal. The owners of the Tabard Inn gifted Stinson and Hayes with dinner and a night in a suite after the ceremony and before the couple's departure for a honeymoon in Haiti. On the morning of the ceremony, a catering service surprised Stinson and Hayes with champagne, lobster omelettes and fresh fruit and vegetables. Another friend, Bowden Sandstrom of the recording company Woman Sound, recorded as a gift for Stinson the ceremony, which included an original song written and sung by another friend. And during the reception, a musical group, Magenta Rose, donated its services.