In a town filled with self-promoters, few are as aggressive as former radio disc jockey, bar owner and movie entrepreneur Tommy Curtis. When TV's "PM Magazine" profiled him earlier this month, Curtis arranged for a $1,400 ad to appear in this newspaper with the headline "A Ballyhoo About Tommy." Curtis says that because he ran a picture of himself with actress Morgan Fairchild (he's associate producer of her new movie, "Seduction"), the movie's distributor picked up the tab ... One of the handiest booklets coveted by Washington insiders is the "Directory of Key Government Personnel," published every four years for the past 30 years by the local public relations firm of Hill & Knowlton. This year H&K distributed about 25,000 copies-- call them for yours ... In the fine tradition of overreaching, the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau produced a press packet for out-of-town reporters that touted Indianapolis as "the friendly crossroads of America" and announced the city's new ad slogan: "Move over New York--Apple is our middle name."

You won't find it in your local record store, but listeners to Windsor, Ont./Detroit's popular radio station CKLW have been requesting the song for months now: a spoof recording, perhaps a new low in the

national preoccupation

with Elizabeth Taylor

Warner'sweight, sung

to the tune of last year's

big hit record by Kim

Carnes called "Bette Davis Eyes." Except this bit of snideness is called "Elizabeth Taylor Thighs." A Detroit radiologist, Dr. Larry Lawson, penned the lyrics and showed them to a friend, CKLW disc jockey Dick Purtan, who then gave them to Shirley Stockwell. She's a lyricist and singer with Dan Yessian Associates, a Detroit firm that produces commercial jingles. Stockwell drank enough blackberry brandy and smoked enough cigarettes to give her voice a raspy quality similar to Carne's.