On the centennial of Franklin D. Roosevelt's birth, even Ronald Reagan's White House has joined in the celebration. But if Republican Reagan really wants to toast his Democratic predecessor--and perhaps bask in the reflected glory--he might find of interest a list compiled by Ross Baker, a Rutgers University political science professor.

Baker notes the following similarities between Roosevelt and Reagan:

*In the height and weight department, both presidents tip the Toledos at about 190 pounds and stand 6 feet 2 inches tall.

*Both men served as governor of the most populous state in the union before coming to the White House.

*Both were first elected with Texans as their running mates.

*Both promised to balance the budget as candidates and failed to do so as incumbents.

*FDR was the first to appoint a woman to a Cabinet position, and Reagan made the first woman appointment to the Supreme Court.

*There are the same number of letters in the names Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Wilson Reagan. Ditto for Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Davis Reagan.

All of this, of course, can be carried too far. As Baker notes, "When FDR was Reagan's age, he'd been dead for eight years."