Watching local girl Donna Dixon on ABC's "Bosom Buddies" suggests the question: Are there any more at home like her?

Indeed there is. Sherrie Dixon is 18 (her big sister is 23), and her Lorton, Va., bedroom holds some of the 238 beauty pageant trophies she's collected over the last several years. When she graduates from high school this summer, she's heading for California in the hope of making a living as a singer and dancer. Sherrie says she loved a stint last summer appearing as a lounge act at the Las Vegas Hilton, even if the marquee billed her as "Donna Dixon's Little Sister." And she appears six nights a wek at her father's suburban Virginia nightclub, Earl Dixon's Hillbilly Heaven.

It's Dad, a former NCO club manager in the Army, who works overtime promoting Donna and Sherrie, filing their press clippings and cautioning both his daughters against the dishonorable intentions of men.

"He wouldn't let Donna date until she was 18," says Sherrie. "I started at 16, but if he had his way, I wouldn't date until I was 30." In Los Angeles, Donna isn't all that lonely -- her latest beau is actor Lee Majors.