Judy Chavez, the former Washington call girl who four years ago said she was paid CIA funds to provide sex for a high-ranking Soviet defector, is suing her father, a retired civil servant, for $20,000 she lent him in 1979 to buy a Florida saloon.

"The way I feel about Judy right now is that as far as I'm concerned, she's dead," snaps her mother, Marlyn Taylor, who says her husband, Heyward Taylor, is suffering from Parkinson's disease but intends to repay the loan as soon as he can sell the Gold Mine Saloon, a bar in Panama City, Fla.

Shortly after NBC broke the story of Chavez's relationship with Arkady Shevchenko in 1978, a paperback publisher paid Chavez $350,000 to tell her side of the affair in a book called The Defector's Mistress. With part of her advance, Chavez bought property in Florida and New York. In December 1979, she lent her father, formerly a civil engineer with the U.S. Forest Service in Washington, $20,000 at 12 percent interest.

"Every time they want something, my mother puts him up to call me . . . ," says Chavez, who recently moved to the Mayfair section of London. "I'm sick of this self-pity trip they're going through."

So last month Chavez filed suit in Bay County court in Florida for return of the $20,000 plus interest. Marlyn Taylor--who kept scrapbooks of the publicity Judy received after news of her liaison with Shevchenko hit the world press--said recently she doesn't care if she ever sees her daughter again. Replies Chavez: "I've always let my mother walk over me, and I've just decided not to do it anymore."