You're bound to smile when you enter this market because it smells so good, and it smells so good because in the back is a kitchen wherz Steve Gimenez is baking daily breads and naturally sweet treats to be sold at The Harvest, a new market and bakery in Georgetown. Together with his partner, Kevin Kelso, they've opened an emporium that anyone would want in the neighborhood. Having been in the natural foods business before in Boston, they know to stock a fine selection of food--natural, ethnic and gourmet--as well as cookware, vitamins, cosmetics, grains, books and spun wool that comes from Gimenez' sheep in New York state. And then there are the baked goodies: an assortment of breads, cookies, brownies, apple wraps, coffee cake, apple crisp, vegetable pie and more. You'd never guess that there's no refined sugar, no honey, no eggs, nor any dairy products in them, but you'd be right if you tasted maple or malt syrup. (If anything is left from the day's bake, it's half-price the next day.) The shop also stocks cashews from Mozambique and unhomogenized milk in bottles with cream on top. Stop by for a snack or basket of groceries--prices are reasonable.

The Harvest, a natural market and bakery. 1651 Wisconsin Ave. NW. 333-8415.