Sandy Weaver is Washington radio's nighttime Teen Queen. Six nights a week beginning at 10 on Q107 (WRQX-FM), Weaver teases, jokes and sweet-talks more teen-age listeners than any other disc jockey, according to a recent Arbitron audience survey.

"On the weekends, I almost always ignore the phone," says the 24-year-old honey-voiced blond. "Daddy and Mommy are out, and most of the interesting people are on dates, so that leaves the boring jerks to call you."

And call they do. During her three years at Q107, Weaver has been most frequently asked what she looks like (see for yourself), if she's married (no), or if she'll go out with them (also no).

"I've never dated a caller," says Weaver, who began her radio career right out of high school in Columbus, Ga. "That would be dangerous. I'm a chicken--I like living. If they're real persistent, I tell them I'm married or I'm dating someone 9 feet 11 inches tall. Generally I don't go out with anyone I don't know."

That includes her biggest fan, a listener who drives a Camaro with "Weaver Fever" painted on the side and license plates that read "Q107." He appears at the station periodically in the futile hope of dating his idol.

On most Washington evenings, the largest share of the radio audience listens to Melvin Lindsey's "Quiet Storm" on WHUR. According to the ratings, Lindsey's sophisticated, mellow show attracts more than twice the listeners of Weaver, whose soft talk and hard rock put her second in the overall 10 to 11 p.m. ratings.

But she's the No. 1 pick on the dial among teen-agers, to whom Weaver delivers the following information: "Yes, it's my real name, and no, it's not in the phone book, and please, don't call the poor woman on Connecticut Avenue with the same name."