This weather calls for easy, ungimmicky clothes, cut out for comfort and cool even when you are not. They are summer savers, bought to brighten up what you already own and to make you feel special yet appropriate. It's a lot to seek of clothes, but at today's prices the return should be nothing less.

Hone in on white. These clothes require extra care, but they make you feel a little different, too. Try batwing or dolman sleeves to look modern--and to stay cool. A long easy skirt can be as comfortable on a hot day as a clipped short one. Try a new punkish short hairdo.

And stay out of the sun. CAPTION: Illustration 1, Cap-sleeve knit mini from The Right Stuff ($46); Van Allen necklace from Lord & Taylor ($22.50); shoulder bag from Bloomingdale's ($22); Illustration 2, Cotton sailor dress by Anita Storr for C'Est Moi from Marie Clare ($72); straw boater from Hats in the Belfry ($22); pale gray leather flats from Saks Fifth Avenue ($60); Illustrations 3 and 4, Loose-weave cotton top ($14) and cotton culottes ($18) from Georgetown Cotton; geometric earrings from The Right Stuff ($30). Cotton pull-on pants with elasticized waist and turquoise piping ($36) and cotton knit pullover ($40), both by Merona from Saks Fifth Avenue; Fruit of the Loom white V-neck T-shirt from G.C. Murphy's (3 for $6.99); black Porsche sunglasses from Woodward and Lothrop ($75).; Illustrations 5 through 8, Kenzo's cabbage-rose print on pale blue cotton chintz in a ruffled top and in "china" cropped pants from La Boutique Francaise ($135 each); white ballet slippers from Kinney's ($19.95), Illustrations by Patrice MoermanTurquoise and white striped maillot from Mic Mac/St. Tropez from La Boutique Francaise ($47); red-rimmed glasses by Colors in Optics from Bloomingdale's ($29); Turquoise and white cotton knit batwing T-shirt by Gould from Lord & Taylor ($24); sturdy white cotton shorts from Sunny's Surplus ($5.99); Pink cotton camisole ($45), floral print tiered cotton skirt ($60) and cotton lace-edged petticoat ($35) from Laura Ashley.; Illustration 9, Seersucker jacket in blue and white cotton and polyester by Haspel from Raleigh's ($115); blue oxford cloth button-down shirt from Brooks Brothers ($28.50); pastel pink flower printed cotton tie from Liberty of London ($12.50); white cotton trousers by Basco Sportswear from Cedar Posts ($39.95); beige canvas shoes from Florsheim ($19.95), Stetson straw hat from Hats in the Belfry ($29).