To the children she is known as Annie Baa-Baa and understandably so for Annie Kelley plays mother to 25 cows and 50 sheep. She calls each animal by name, including Hannah, her first lamb, Innocent Irene and Ida. Kelley, a devoted shepherdess, connects an intercom from her bedroom to the barn during lambing season so she can better serve as midwife to the ewe. An accomplished fiber artist as well (she weaves in her studio when time permits), Kelley crochets while tending to her flock in the fields. She uses natural homespun and makes her own vegetable dyes to color the wool she spins for these woven purses, which come with porcelain or stoneware clay buttons and a card inside telling you which sheep provided the wool. A Maryland native now living in West Virginia, Kelley and her family have exhibited their creations at the annual Christmas Open House at Pennyfield Lock, Potomac, Md. For those who know her, the nursery rhyme is "Annie had a little lamb." Move over, Mary.

Shepherd's purses. $12. Clutches. $25. Prices include postage. In shades of mauve, heather blue, plum, magenta and natural (gray and brown). Write to her at Kirk Ridge Road, Littleton, W. Va. 304/775-2817.