With women's shoes costing as much as $150 a pair, wading through a wet autumn and plowing through winter's slushy streets in your good shoes is like letting good money wash down the drain. Why not go all out with bright yellow rain boots or an oversized pair of Army surplus knee boots? Thigh-high waders might sound extreme, but think of how dry you'll be. And as the popularity of windsurfing grows, so do the many styles of footwear associated with the sport. Ardent windsurfers wear little slip-on "shoes" with perforated bottoms to grip the board. They're manufactured to go over bare feet, but bought a size larger than your shoe, they make a nice, bright galosh. CAPTION: Picture 1, L.L Bean thigh-high Army green insulated sporting boots ($44.75); Drizzle clear plastic waterproof galoshes ($8) at Rich's cover up waterproof shoes by Hir ($33) at The Bootlegger; Sunny's Surplus green knee boots ($9.99); child's bright blue rubber boots ($8) by Uniroyal at Tanzman's Shoes, Arlington; Sperry Topsider yellow rubber boots ($41) at Backyard Boats, Alexandria., All panty hose are by Burlington ($2.50 each) at Woodward & Lothrop, PHOTOGRAPHS BY BILL SNEAD; Picture 2, L.L Bean fleece arctic boots ($33.75) cover up a red pump with open-weave front ($120) at NeimanMarcus; Berkshire Swiss lace panty hose ($4) at Les Gals; Picture 3, Yellow windsurfer rubbers by Okewind ($19.20) at Backyard Boats, Alexandria, fit over Anne Klein black leather pumps ($114) at Garfinckel's; Picture 4, Yellow boots ($41) by Sperry Topsider at Backyard Boats, Alexandria, fit nicely over Joan & David's ruby shoes ($92) at Ann Taylor; Picture 5, Drizzle clear galoshes ($8) at Rich's protect leather and reptile pumps ($130) by Anne Klein at Hess Shoes; Bonnie Doon panty hose ($8) at Klein's Four Seasons, PHOTOGRAPHS BY BILL SNEAD PHOTOGRAPHS BY BILL SNEAD