Men, hold on to your hats. If you don't, some woman is likely to snatch them to wear with her mannish suit, her trousers, her ties, even her tuxedo, also borrowed from men. (The only part of a man's wardrobe safe from the female fashion crowd these days is shoes.)

The mannish hat revival revved up in Paris six months ago with the brimmed felt style used in the collections, including those of Karl Lagerfeld for Chlo,e and Yves Saint Laurent. By the time the New York shows opened a month later, there was hardly a model on the runway whose costume wasn't capped by a hat.

A man's hat balances in shape and proportion the clean-cut, long and lean clothes. They are fun and easy to wear, can be shaped and dented, worn tilted or head on. That's why they are the top hats this season CAPTION: Picture 1, Liz Claiborne's navy snap-brim hat with wine grosgrain ribbon ($24) at Saks Fifth Avenue; red earrings ($14) at Garfinckel's.; Picture 2, gray felt hat with down-turned brim by Michele ($55) at Garfinckel's; silver fan earrings ($8.50) by Orion at Hecht's.; Picture 3, taupe man's hat ($33) by Allyn St. George at Hats in the Belfry. Photographs by Margaret Thomas