Protests from fans of R&B singer Arthur Prysock greeted an item in this space last month that credited Lowenbrau beer's advertising theme song ("Here's to good friends, the night is kinda special . . .) to singer Clint Holmes. In his stage act, Holmes tells audiences he hasn't had a hit record lately, but at least he has a hit commercial. Then he launches into a few Lowenbrau lyrics. Prysock also mentions the Lowenbrau ditty in his act.

Well, it turns out both men can take credit, though it was Prysock (pictured) who several years ago first sang the lyrics for Lowenbrau's radio and television spots. But according to the New York advertising agency that produces the spots, the radio ads now star Holmes, though only a close listening reveals any difference in the voices. We talked to Prysock in New York, and he says he "wondered who that was" singing on Lowenbrau's radio spots. Prysock, who receives a check every time his voice is on the air for the beer, says he's made out fine the last few years by Lowenbrau, and has no hard feelings about Holmes' getting a piece of the action. Cheers.