Richard W. Heldridge has been sworn in as director of the Export-Import Bank, and Rita M. Rodriguez has been named a member of its board of directors. She is a professor with the University of Illinois.

Sharon Cayelli has been appointed a member of the board of trustees of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission's pension plan for a three-year term.

Robert W. Thomas has been appointed acting executive director of the Prince George's County Cable Commission.

James H. Gianfagna has been appointed director of public communications with the U.S. Savings Bonds division of the Treasury Department.

Gerald L. McDonald has been named assistant secretary for economic development with the Maryland Department of Economic and Community Development. He was formerly director of DECD's Office of Business and Industrial Development. Robert N. Schoeplein has been named as DECD's director of research. He was formerly an associate professor of economics with the University of Illinois. Stanley W. Tucker has been promoted to director of the Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority, an agency of the DECD. Leonard A. Blackshear has been appointed a member of the authority.

The Loudoun County Planning Commission has two new commissioners: Amos Martinez, the Sterling District representative, and Ralph J. Edwards, the Dulles District representative.

David G. Hartlove Jr. has been named to the Prince George's County Commission on Sewage Sludge Management.

Paul H. Lockwood has been appointed deputy director of communications for the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. He was formerly news bureau chief for ACTION, the federal agency for volunteer service programs.

Douglas R. Fahl has been appointed to the Virginia Board of Housing and Community Development.