Time to get organized. You've got birthdays and dental appointments to enter, holidays to remember... or course you need a wall calendar. Here's a selection:

The '83 Weekender's Calendar (Andrik Associates, Box 5029, Alexandria, Va. 22305). $4.95 ($1.50 ppd). Call 549-3385 for nearest store. Hundreds of listings for festivals, sports events, concerts, parades, you name it, plus maps, facts, figures and phone numbers for places in and around Washington. Little space to write.

D.C. League of Women Voters Calendar (D.C. League of Women Voters, Room 718, 1346 Connecticut Ave. NW. 785-2616). $2.50. Voting, election and tax-paying information, important phone numbers, Metro map. Space to write.

American Cars (Crown Books, Bloomingdale's and The Chocolate Moose). $8.95. A photographic homage to classic American cars, featuring Harrah's Automobile Collection in Reno. Space to write.

Wolf Trap, 1983 (The Book Annex). $7.95. Striking photos of the park and past productions. Profits go to the Wolf Trap Redevelopment Campaign. Space to write.

Women Alone, Women Together (The Book Annex). $6.95. A collection of 12 black-and-white photos of and by women. By Women's Resources Distribution Co. Space to write.

Sailing (The Book Annex). $7.95. Photos that capture the thrill of being at the till. Space to write.

365 Days of Black History (Clover International, Box 928, Adelphi, Md. 20783). $7.50 ppd. Historical notes, photos, proverbs for those of african/Caribbean descent. Some writing space.

Marilyn (Bassil & McNichols). $6.95. Milton Greene's timeless black-and-white photos of Marilyn Monroe. Some writing space.

Sushi (Bassil & McNichols). $17.50. Photos so clear you can almost taste the fish and rice. Space to write.

The 1983 Working Woman's Calendar Bassil & McNichols). $5. Subtitled, "Or How To Be Everything to Everyone," this spiralbound calendar paper will make you smile when days look grim. Space to write.

Up, Up and Away -- 1983 Hot Air Balloon Calendar (Splash). $5.95. Experience the excitement of this hot new sport as each month brings a color-filled photo. Space to write.

Local Color 1983 Calendar (Local 1734 Art Collective and Gallery). $25. Thirteen hand-signed silkscreened prints you can frame when the year is out. Limited space to write.