Even the Victorians liked bright-colored undies, and the passion for bright red hasn't cooled down since. For those who like red but find it too bold a color to wear outside of the boudoir, there is marvelous sleepwear and robes.

And red no-show lingerie will make the wearer feel good -- even if no one else sees it. CAPTION: Picture 1, Shorty nightgown with panels of lace by Blanche ($46) at Lord & Taylor; earrings and bangle (each $9) at Bloomingdale's.; Picture 2, Cotton flannel ruffle-front nightshirt ($50) by Frills at Jackie Chalkley; polyester chemise ($50) by Parisian Maid at Saks Fifth Avenue.; Picture 3, D: crocheted wool robe ($200) by Shirley Carraciolo at Dolly Kay Designs, Ltd; Yves Saint Laurent earrings ($35) at Neiman-Marcus.; Picture 4, C: lace teddy ($25) by Flair at Woodward & Lothrop; black and silver bracelet ($25) at Saks Fifth Avenue.; Picture 5, A: long john's in Swiss wool knit: pullover ($42) and bottoms ($50) by Hanro at Garfinckel's; bracelet ($11) at Smull's; earrings ($9) at Bloomingdale's. MAKEUP BY AMY WARD FOR CORDON BLUE COSMETICS, HAIR BY TERRI GRADEL OF PIAF OF GEORGETOWN. PHOTOGRAPHER AT PICES. MODELS: CAROL JONES AND ROBIN JOHNSON