A game that has created a craze in Britain might also be that country's biggest export since

the Beatles. When board-game

enthusiasts Brian Taylor and Peter Forbes set out to create a new game, they wanted it to be as easy to learn as checkers and as complex as chess, yet take only about 20 minutes to play. The result is Kensington (named after the gardens where they spent hours devising the game), a brilliant and simple board game based upon an ancient Islamic pattern. Players maneuver red and blue chips among squares and triangles, trying to gain control of a hexagon and prevent the other players (from two to six) from doing so. Sounds complicated? It's not. "What we did was take a complicated idea and simplify it. Once you've got a game that can be played between two chess masters and between two 7-year-olds, you've got a game that lasts forever," says Taylor. In three months nearly 500,000 copies have been sold in London. The packaging? A simple record jacket. It's $10 at Lowen's, 7227 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda. 652-1289. Hello World, 213 King St., Alexandria. 548-3333. Expressions, White Flint Mall. 881-9220. Gingerbread Gallery, 4701 Sangamore Rd., Bethesda. 229-9595.