Ten-year-old August Brown stared at his diary, in which he had written "Reasons Why I Hate Washington, D.C." in large capital letters. Among them: "Nobody asked me if I wanted to move. Nobody asked my opinion about the divorce. I hate cities. I don't know anybody here. I don't want to know anybody here. People who are mothers shouldn't be lawyers." August, the hero of a new children's book, was utterly disgusted with the prospect of living in Georgetown and going to the Anthony Hyde Elementary School. He'd left his catcher's mitt back in Vermont. His sitter wouldn't get off the phone to take him to the park, and he didn't need a sitter anyway, for heaven's sake. Life seemed bleak. But then he met The People in Pineapple Place, and things began to look better almost immediately. (After all, they could have scarcely looked worse.) April, Michael, Theresa, Elizabeth, Jessie and Margaret made August feel that his new city might not be awful after all.

The People in Pineapple Place. By Anne Lindbergh. $10.95. The Cheshire Cat Children's Book Store, 5512 Connecticut Ave. NW. 244-3956.