Are you a gentle, scholarly sort who wouldn't dream of wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with some silly brand name? Do you spend too much time in laboratory or cloister to know any brand names? You might still find a T-shirt dear to your heart at Fit to a Tee, which offers an erudite selection. Mathematicians should be pleased to wear the Pythagorean theorem on their chests. Botanists will warm to a chart of leaf shapes, physical chemists to Schrodinger's equation. Geneticists can sport a natty-looking Drosophila melanogasta, or fruit fly. Doctors might appreciate a diagram of a coronary artery bypass, complete with plumbing. Pianists can play Bach's first Two-Part Invention from a shirt, but cannot wear it at the same time. "A guy who bought a frog anatomy shirt said he wished he had owned it when he was in college," notes Chris Drinkard, who works at the Alexandria branch. "He would have worn it to his zoology exam."

Scholarly T-shirts in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. $8.98. Fit to a Tee, Georgetown Park, M Street and Wisconsin Avenue NW. 965-3650. The Small Mall, 118 King St., Alexandria. 836-0938..