Diana Vreeland was once putting the finishing touches on a mannequin for a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she is a consultant to the Costume Institute. "More. More," she directed Kenneth Jay Lane, who was heaping ropes of pearls and bogus bijoux on a Chanel suit. Someone asked if there was not a point at which too much jewelry is poor taste. "There are a lot worse things than bad taste," Vreeland responded gleefully.

Deftly done, heavy doses of diamond-like sparkle, gems and sequins look right with the clothes for fall. According to Lane -- who is having a heyday with his bold jewelry -- big stones set in subtle black or dark metals distinguish the upcoming crop of jewelry from other seasons. Many of his bold pieces were made to be worn with glittery dresses and sweaters. He's in the Vreeland camp about how much jewelry one should wear: "Too much ain't enough," he laughs.

While some of the styles pictured may not be available now, variations will be in most Washington stores shortly. And there's nothing to stop you from digging out some of that old chunky costume jewelry and piling it on.