Sunglasses may never make any world-shaking fashion "statements," but they surely reflect the ups and downs of what's "fashionable" at a moment in time. When clothes were loose and baggy ,a la Annie Hall, sunglasses were big and tinted pale. When the punk look began, sunglasses took on a hard edge, with lots of black and dark, mirrored lenses. And when punk softened to a more streamlined look, so did sunglasses.

Now, instead of harsh, black wraparounds, there are crystal-clear styles with lighter tinted lenses. The Wayfarer, Ray-Ban's classic --once made only in black or tortoise shell--is now available in red or white. And there are still plenty of colored frames, spotted frames, mirrored lenses and even a rhinestone or two to make shading your eyes a fun--not just in summer. CAPTION: Pictures 1 through 3, On him: red wayfarer sunglasses ($35) by Ray-Ban ($35) at Voorthuis Opticians. On her, crystal wrap sunglasses with asymmetric bar ($95) by Alain Mikli at Lugene Opticians; silver earrings ($35) by Isaac Manevitz for Ben-Amun at Woodward & Lothrop. Black and white sunglasses ($12) at Chocolate Moose; earrings ($25) at Bloomingdale's. Red and black striped sunglasses ($94) by Silhouette at Voorthuis Opticians; earrings ($8) at Chocolate Moose. All clothes by Zoran at Zoran. Makeup by Anna Martin, Ltd. Haircut by Jack of Piaf. Photos by John Bowden.