Charlie Brown, Dexter Manley, the Hogs and the Smurfs have joined Joe Theismann, John Riggins and Mark Moseley as household names. But are the Redskins ready to establish a dynasty or was their championship a product of unrepeatable performances and a shortened season?

We talked to 27 local and national sportscasters who speculated about the Redskins' chances of doing it again. Hold on to their predictions. They may be very interesting, come Jan. 22, in Tampa, at Super Bowl XVIII. WARNER WOLF, WCBS-TV (N.Y.) formerly with WTOP-TV

The key is that the Redskins are 16-4 since their 0-5 start in 1981. The turnaround was in 1981. As far as this year, I never judge anything on paper. I never even watch an exhibition game. Sure, they'll be in the play-offs again. PHIL WOOD, WCBM-AM (Baltimore) formerly with WTOP-AM

The Redskins are less likely to fall victim to complacency because of Gibbs, who said other clubs as were as good, but I'd be amazed if they repeated. NICK CHARLES CNN formerly with WRC-TV

The Redskins and Dallas will be right there again. Washington won't sneak up on people . . . They were clearly the best team by the end of last year. Through patience and experience, Theismann's a better quarterback than when I was in Washington . . . They won't fall off a cliff. They're still the team to beat. MARV ALBERT NBC

Let me warn you that my prediction record is usually poor, but if this club doesn't have any key injuries I see a repeat. Riggins and Theismann stood out. They're the heart of the club; they can't get hurt . . . There's no powerhouse anymore, but the 'Skins look good. BOB COSTAS NBC

The Redskins aren't a fluke. They won some big games with defense . . . The Redskins and Dallas are head and shoulders above the rest of the NFC East. I'd be very surprised if they weren't at least a wild card. PETE AXTHELM NBC

I wouldn't think they would have a serious letdown, but a lot of guys who had outstanding years like Riggins may have only good ones. Defenses may go more to bump and run to bang up the Smurfs. The NFL's so fun because there're no dynasties, but Washington's got to feel good in the division. LEN BERMAN NBC

The Redskins won't be a jaded team that expects to win. There are no super teams anymore, but I'd be very surprised if they collapsed. They have some pretty solid veterans and enough hungry guys who will remain hungry. AHMAD RASHAD NBC

Their big plus is their organization: the owner, the GM (general manager), the coach. They also have the best real team feeling I've ever seen . . You have to watch out that you automatically think you'll be back in the Super Bowl . . If they can maintain their togetherness and realize it's a brand-new season, they'll be right up there. BOB TRUMPY NBC

The offense is well-suited to Theismann, and defenses aren't geared to stopping the run anymore. I can't give Gibbs enough credit for keeping his players' minds on their task after the strike. Washington may have displayed more than any team in recent history that winning attitude coaches talk about . . They're a definite play-off team. HOWARD COSELL ABC

The Redskins are not a fluke. They were carefully assembled by one of the great minds in evaluating football personnel, Bobby Beathard, and they have the completely contemporary coach, Joe Gibbs. He gets the most out of his squad . . . The Redskins have as good a chance as anybody of winning, but it's harder to sustain excellence than to come by it. FRANK GIFFORD ABC

It's hard to beat a team playing together even if they don't have the best personnel. But . . . I still think Dallas is the strength of the NFC, and the Giants are better. The Redskins have a decent shot at the play-offs. DICK SCHAAP ABC

There isn't much difference between the best and worst teams anymore, so it's no terrible mark if they don't go back. Once I saw (Joe) Jacoby and (Russ) Grimm eat quiche unashamedly, I knew the Redskins had character. HANK STRAM CBS

The Redskins' talent is not as deep as Dallas', but their style of play is conducive to consistency. They have a sound offensive approach; they don't make a lot of mistakes. They'll definitely contend along with Dallas, the 49ers and Atlanta. No one will take them lightly this year. DICK VERMEIL CBS

Joe Gibbs and his staff did a great coaching job . . . I've always been a Theismann fan. As a coach, he excited me. I dreaded playing him. The Redskins are a definite play-off team, but the Eagles and Cowboys will be top competition. JIMMY "THE GREEK" SNYDER CBS

I hate to say it, but the Redskins are not really a world championship ball club. With a tougher schedule and everyone laying for them, it's 10-1, they don't repeat. Of course, it's 8-1 against anybody. They won't fall apart; it's just tougher to get it together again. PAT SUMMERALL CBS

It'll be difficult to repeat because of the strength of the division. I like St. Louis. The Redskins will have a tough time making the play-offs. TOM BROOKSHIER CBS

I like Gibbs' attitude. he's one of the top coaches around. People don't give Bobby Beathard enough credit with all those free agents on that team . . . I see Dallas by a shade over the Redskins, but if Theismann plays as well, the Redskins can win it again. JACK BUCK CBS

They won't get complacent; the other teams just get more tenacious. The league is terrifically balanced. The Cardinals and Giants are better, but you have to be crazy not to pick Washington. FRANK HERZOG WJLA-TV

It's very difficult to go back because every game will be the Super Bowl for the other team, but I don't think they'll be hurt by their attitude because Joe Gibbs won't let that happen. GLENN BRENNER WDVM-TV

Dallas, the Giants and St. Louis should be tough. The Redskins aren't the most talented team in the league, but they're young and hungry . . . You've got to lose something in the challenge department because once you've won, you can't top it. BERNIE SMILOVITZ WTTG-TV

They're the class of the league until someone else has the trophy. They'll be in the play-offs, but after that, it depends on injuries, luck and play-off sites. KEN BEATRICE WMAL-Radio

There are four reasons it's tough to repeat: the injury factor, maintaining the maximum effort they had almost every game last year, bit players wanting to be feature players, and opposing teams getting up for you . . . The players realize it takes all of them to win. They don't want to let anyone else down. SONNY JURGENSEN WMAL-Radio/WDVM-TV

Everybody made a contribution. Art Monk gets hurt and Alvin Garrett steps in. Riggins had such a big year to keep the pressure off Theismann, who was exceptional. They can't afford to lose them. The defense was overlooked because of the offense. Unlike the 49ers, this team was built on the nuts and bolts. I don't see them coming apart at the seams. SAM HUFF WMAL-Radio

It's tough to repeat because you become fat and happy. You've got your ring and figure you've done it all. It's a feather in the other team's hat to knock you off. (Vince) Lombardi said it best. It's a lot easier getting there than maintaining it, and a lot more fun too. No doubt it'll be the 'Skins and Dallas again. HARVEY SMILOVITZ WTOP-Radio

There's the possibility of the big head; everybody thinks that maybe he did a little more than he really did to win the Super Bowl. A butt- kicking during the season will wake them up. If they have the same attitude and determination, things will go positive for them. It'll be the Redskins and Dallas Cowboys again. SCOTT CLARK WRC-TV

The key was chemistry. The defense, which was more aggressive than in '81, continually improved. It's probably the best coaching staff in the league . . . I see either the Redskins difference or Cowboys in the Super Bowl. JOHNNY HOLLIDAY WMAL-Radio

No one will take them lightly anymore, and that's a problem. Older, veteran teams may win it once and that's their goal, but these guys are still hungry and Gibbs and (Joe) Bugel will keep them fired up. That first game with Dallas will be super . . . I still think (Dallas) is the main competition.