It wasn't very long ago that for exercising you wore

what wasn't respectable enough to wear elsewhere. It

was the moment for the mismatched, mishapen and

even torn clothes. But that was when exercise was a

very private matter.

Now exercise has gotten organized, gone posh and social. And designers have responded with clothes to wear to the increasingly popular classes in aerobics, exercise, dancercise or whatever. Many have added a shine to the old formula of leotard and tights with Lycra Spandex. Others have borrowed some of the best sportswear and swimwear ideas of the season: suspender or body-builder suits, brief tops and shorts and one-piece suits (unitards). The season's favorite color combo--black and white-- shows up in the exercise stretch as well, often with a dash of red.

But for those who want the Flashdance look, your old ripped T-shirt, or a new one ripped for you, is an option as well. CAPTION: Picture 1, the suspender leotard ($17) and cap sleeve polyester and cotton knit shirt ($30) both by Flexatard at Klein's 4 Seasons; bandanna at G.C. Murphy, $1.19; acrylic knit leg warmers at Woodward & Lothrop ($9); Picture 2, leotard with striped detail ($37) by Flexatard at Stein's Theatrical and Dance Supply Shop, Arlington; stirrup foot tights ($8) and leg warmers ($7.50), both at Parklane Hosiery. Striped leotard by Ticket ($24.98) at Artistic Dance Fashions, Bethesda; Lycra tights ($7) at Parklane Hosiery. Cropped top and bikini bottom ($21), both by Tickets; tights ($6.95) by Danskin, all at Woodward & Lothrop. PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN BOWDEN ON INSTRUCTORS AT SOMBODIES EXERCISE STUDIO, GEORGETOWN