We've had spots and dots and stripes, and now designers have gone wild over a mix of them all. Zebras and leopards and tigers share their patterns with many of the clothes for fall. Often the print is subtly placed on silk or a substitute and meant to be worn as a blouse or sweater under a jacket. Other times it is stenciled into fabric or fur.

Wild animal patterns are hardly new to fashion. In some crowds, like the punks, they've never given them up. But it was undoubtedly the animal patterns used by Yves Saint Laurent that provoked the uproar over wild prints this season. CAPTION: Picture 1, Purple print wool voile scraf ($20) by Echo Scarfs at Bloomingdale's; zebra striped earrings ($10) at I. Magnin; reptile printed leather belt ($135) by Miss Ellen Ruth Levy at Claire Dratch; leopard stenciled calf cummerbund by R. J. Graziano ($125) at Saks-Jandel; black and white fake fur belt ($78) at I. Magnin; black textured leather shoe ($34) by Mia at Hecht's.; Picture 2, Cathy Hardwick's zebra print silk blouse ($90) at I. Magnin and tiger print silk chiffon blouse by Adrianna Papell ($140) at Saks Fifth Avenue; black pony belt with leather trim by Calvin Klein ($85) at Saks-Jandel; leopard spotted earrings ($20) at I. Magnin. PHOTOGRAPHED BY JOHN BOWDEN AT WILD WORLD, LARGO, M.D.