Chaos is out; only the chaotic ever really pretended it was a good idea. Organization is in; even the chaotic might like it a great deal once they tried it for a bit. For the New Year, give yourself or the most confused person you know one of these organizers. Soon the lucky person will discover how breathtakingly easy it is to find out what day it is, where his friends live, what his plans are for next Tuesday. Next step: a bank presidency, a partnership, maybe even a first-class date for New Year's Eve -- now that he can remember when New Year's Eve is. CAPTION: Picture 1, Impatto black softback pocket calendar, with address section, international holidays and calendar in five languages; from Uzzolo, $9. Ghurka khaki leather and canvas calendar, with address section, color maps, pen, note pad; from Camalier & Buckley, $110. Reptile skin portfolio with elegant note paper, hour-by-hour calendar; especially for the international traveler with such information as distances between major cities and temperatures around the world; from Saks Fifth Avenue, $300. Britches International Desk Diary; for the traveling American, with such information as names and addresses of U.S. government officials, abstracts of the 50 states, national park guide, customs hints, major media organizations and color maps of the world; $27.50 at Britches. Woven leather zippered portfolio with address book; calendar simply divides days into morning, afternoon and evening; from Henri Bendel in New York, $58 (plus shipping); to order call Henri Bendel, (212) 247-1100, Paper Shop, Ext. 200. Sleek black '85 hardback calendar; clean graphic day-by-day calendar and address sections for the minimalist; $26 at Uzzolo. Durable burgundy leather calendar and address book, with ruled notebook paper; Georgetown Leather Design, $38; Picture 2, THE ULTIMATE ORGANIZER: Day Runner vinyl-covered three- ring binder is pulled together with a Velcro flap lock. Includes receipt envelope; three- year calendar; daily worksheets; pockets for loose papers, business cards and two spare keys; checkbook holder; calculator space; preprinted labels that divide your life into sushi, day care, goals and persons, etc.; and color- coded divider sections. From Perfect Papers, $45. Caution: only for the truly committed. Photos by Tom Wolff