Children like to play with food as well as eat it. These recipes are based on recollections of adults of how they ate Wonder Bread as children.

Wonder. On cutting board, mash slices flat with butt of hand. Scrape off. Spread pieces with peanut butter and jelly and roll up tightly. Trim ends and slice into 1-inch rolls. Stand swirls on end and serve on jet-black Mineo Mizuno plate. Feeds 24 adults or two children.

Chinese Wonder Orbs: of Wonder. With clean hands, knead Wonder into baseball-sized sphere, and place on double- strength paper towel. With Chinese chopstick, poke six holes completely through, and fill with alternating doses of peanut butter and jelly. Work mixture into holes with chopstick. Hold orb with paper towel. Eat in front of neighborhood friends. Feeds one.

Wonder Blocks: Wonder per builder. Cut into 1-inch strips and mold into squares the size of sugar cubes. Builds forts, castles and tract homes. Do not store in toy box.

Wonder Balls: marble-sized, ball of decrusted, mashed Wonder. Eat plain or after soaking in sugar-water. For daytime snacks or as bait for perch and bluegill.

Wonder Beast Classics: Wonder Bread World's Fair cookbook in 1934.) "With animal cookie cutters (may be purchased for a few cents) cut bears, chickens and rabbits from slices of Wonder Bread. Spread with butter, sugar and cinnamon; or with butter, cheese and paprika, and toast under the broiling flame."