The American Cafe's newest venture at Tysons Corner gets a healthy start. The menu, developed by the restaurant's Chef Ype Hengst (along with Rodale Food Consultants, part of the good-nutrition empire of Robert Rodale) focuses on foods low in salt, sugar, fat and cholesterol. A few examples: citrus dressing with fresh oranges, lemons and apple cider vinegar; nine-grain bread; applewood- smoked turkey on whole-wheat pecan rye; plus the restaurant's regular availability of brewed decaffeinated coffee, non- alcoholic blender drinks and emphasis on poultry, seafood and vegetables.

Soon That Guitarist Will Be Singing in the Street -- El Caribe in Adams-Morgan gets a facelift -- rather a sidewalk lift -- with a new 20-seat enclosed sidewalk caf,e. The new caf,e sounds like a design extravaganza, at least as described by the press release: Along with heating, air conditioning and skylights, it is "complete with beamed ceilings and Spanish tiles" and includes "several carved glass decorations" and "a unique stained glass window designed by Sal Fiorito, a well-known local artist . . . " No word on whether guitarist Torquato Zamora stays inside or out.

Roll Reversal -- As we waited for our check recently at the Big Wong while the waitress finished her dinner in the back of the restaurant, a friend remarked that in such cases an appropriate server introduction might be: "Hi! My name's Suzanne. I'll be your waitress tonight, and then you'll be mine."