Their looks may never make designer runways, but these young Washingtonians show local style.

Sharp angles, well-cut trousers and a big sweater define the Euroflairs. They emphasize the wild, but they are organized. They choose the right piece of big jewelry and a hair style that stands out.

Garconettes wear understated denim, short hairdos, little makeup and no jewelry. Sturdy cotton shirts with mannish cuts can be tucked in or left with the shirttails out; no bright colors. The idea is to stay low.

The New Bobby-Soxers are elegant with a punkish twist. Pearls surface on oversized sweaters and shirts. Colors are kept basic. Clean-cut clothes are teamed with patterned white socks.

The Eclectics, with ideas pulled from the closet, show fashion intuition. They take a plaid scarf and use it as a headband, or put on their brother's old coat over a bright skirt.

Neon hit its high this summer, but it is bright and lovable enough to rally the Neon Holdouts. They refuse to give it up completely -- they keep just a touch here and there. Socks, earrings or just a splash under a shirt give the final tribute to neon before it fades away.