Resort clothes may seem like an indulgence. Not true. They are a good preview for spring. Last season's mistakes have been corrected. Closer attention has been given to soft lines that reveal the body. Colors remain bright but firmly based in primary tones.

When that first warm day in spring arrives, you'll be ready: You won't have to spoil it by searching madly for something cool and cotton. CAPTION: Picture, Showing: White cotton waiter's jacket, $90, drawstring shorts, $48, both by T.J. Boys at Cache; yellow cotton blend sweater, $60, by Henry Grethel at Garfinckel's. LIGHTWEIGHT white patterned cotton blouse with open crisscross back, $55, white cotton shorts, $60, both by Gamma; disc earrings, $40, by Karl Lagerfeld. All at Saks Jandel. HANDTOWEL CLOTH white cotton T-shirt, $25, red and white striped vest, $19.50, drawstring pants, $55, at John Henry. RIBBED AQUA cotton undershirt, $32, white cotton buttoned vest, $36, white cotton gym shorts, $18, at Ann Taylor. TEXTURED yellow cotton T-shirt, $35, yellow cotton jeans with front flap, $95, both by Tarzana at Saks Jandel. MULTICOLORED socks, each $4, all from Ann Taylor; White Keds, $18, at Hahn Shoes. Photos by Ariel Skelley