Would you rather gaze at the stars or hold a piece of one in the palm of your hand? Make your choice after perusing the catalogue of the Robert A. Haag meteorite collection. Haag, who at 13 was dazzled by a meteorite in action, has assembled a collection of iron and stone specimens at prices ranging from affordable to awesome. They were found in Arizona, Texas, Australia, Mexico and Canada. Did you want a medium octahedrite or a carbonaceous chondrite? Maybe the pictures will help you decide. Might as well hitch your wagon to a star.

Meteorite catalogue. $1. Specimens from $5 to $10,000. Robert A. Haag, Box 27527, Tucson, Ariz. 85726. 602/882-8804.

THE EYES HAVE IT Bright-eyed attentiveness can be a great deal to expect at times. In a dull class or endless meeting, it can be entirely too much to hope for. But these holographic sunglasses, with look-through hologram eyes on the front, can help save the day when a facade of alertness is required. Clap them on and sally forth to meeting or class, confident that a subtle little snooze will pass unnoticed. The glasses are also useful for maintaining the illusion of confidence-inspiring eye-to-eye contact. However, if both parties turn out to be wearing them, things may get a bit bizarre.

Holographic sunglasses.

$60, including tax and

postage. Givaudan

Internationale, 725 24th

St. NW (mail order only),

Washington, D.C. 20037.


FOR FAIR FLOORS They're full of flowers and trellises, they're all wool, they last forever and they will fit your floor precisely because they are custom ordered. They are handmade Portuguese needlepoint rugs, which Fleming Imports will arrange to have made in any size from minuscule to immense. Since the rugs are specially made, prepare for a three-to-five- month wait. (A few rugs are on hand for those who demand instant gratification.) But your patience will be amply rewarded. If you insist, you can even order a rug that goes around your fireplace. Ask about other imports: Argentine furs and crocheted bedspreads and pillow covers.

Rug. $30 a square foot. Fleming Imports, 5211 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 986-5245. Call before going.

SHIFTING SANDS Keep a little sand on hand. If it's artistic sand, so much the better. The artistic sand in the Nevada (shown) and Sahara (not shown) puzzles forms itself into peaks or stars or radiating designs simply by your reversing the lucite container. (These handsome things work on a principle similar to that of the lowly egg timer.) Turn your puzzle over absentmindedly, as the pattern reforms itself or a different one appears on the other side. Why, it's nearly as emptyheaded and pleasant a pastime as burying a companion in the sand.

Puzzles. Nevada, $29.95. Sahara (not shown), $19.95. Little Toy Park, 3251 Prospect St. NW. 342-0050.