Lisa's is an example of Georgetown at its most charming: a brick garden cafe, outdoors and, indoors, a dining room with bare wood tables and baskets of tiny dried flowers. The menu concentrates more on salads and sandwiches than on dinner. In the evening, there are a few specials and the standing menu of three appetizers -- soup, roquefort and red pepper flan, and pate -- plus six main courses -- torta rustica; mussels with linguine; tortellini with pesto cream; chicken with raspberry mustard sauce; sole with hazelnut dill vinaigrette and baby shrimp; and cold salmon with garlic mayonnaise.

Although this restaurant emphasizes its sandwiches, they have not been nearly as good as the cooked dishes: sliced tenderloin with mushrooms in a creamy beige sauce that tasted of mustard or sole in a delightful green pur,ee with the crunch of hazelnuts were two entrees worth trying. Entrees are preceded by big bright mountain of salad -- dark greens, red onions, cherry tomatoes and such, with a homey, creamy vinaigrette on the side.

Dessert is important at Lisa's: shelves of tortes, tarts, mousses and brownies all lead to high expectations but sometimes dash them through carelessness. There are also daily dessert specials. 3116 M St. NW. 342-1854. L $5.95-$8.50, D $6.50-$12.50. L, D daily. AE, C, DC, MC, V. Res sugg. Full Bar.