How to Make 2 plus 2 Equal 71/2 -- Two men waiting for a third companion ordered drinks at Mr. K's and were offered sugared nuts to go with the drinks. Later, when they looked at the menu, the three diners wondered whether they were going to be charged for those nuts, which were $4.50 on the menu. Anyway, they next ordered four appetizers to split between the three of them, and three main courses. When the bill came, not only were the nuts on the bill, but those and the other appetizers were listed at prices higher than on the menu. When they protested, the waiter explained that he had brought them 11/2 portions of each appetizer, including the nuts he offered the first two diners. That added another $15 to $20 to the bill, the diners complained, and they certainly hadn't needed 71/2 appetizers for three people; besides, the waiter should have asked before he increased their order. "Thank you for the suggestion" was the waiter's response. From the calls this office has received, that is not the first time such a suggestion has been made to Mr. K's.

Soon To Be a Major Motion Picture -- It may be the restaurant's longest-running marquee, reports Tony Cibel, owner of the Dancing Crab and instigator of the "Eat Seafood Live Longer NIH Reports" sign that hangs on the front of the restaurant. Cibel reports that the four-month-old health/marketing message has spurned a lot of comments from diners who are following the eating advice of the National Institutes of Health and that he intends to keep it there. But at least one local didn't approve of the sign. According to Cibel, a representative from a local beef company requested "halfway kidding, halfway serious" that he take it down.