So you took a trip. So you took some pictures. So you think your pictures deserve a snappier presentation than the basic cumbersome gold- tooled leather photo album. So we suggest this little number for the absolutely most topnotch of your shots of Kilimanjaro or Glenwood Springs. Its black cardboard camera-esque pages offer space for 20 prints, lovingly separated by tissue paper. There's even a white pencil. Note the note in the back: "Warning! Whoever borrows this photo album and fails to return it, or keeps the nicest photos, will be punished with a slide show (my last vacation) not under three hours."

Camera photo album. $12.50. Noteworthy, 2402 18th St. NW. 232-4468. WELD DONE HATS

Most welders wear their welding caps backward. Pipe welders wear their welding caps over one ear. You can wear your welding cap any way you jolly well please, even if Elmer's glue is more your style when it comes to attaching things to other things. The fashion options are many -- polka dots, roses, Budweiser motifs, railroad workers' stripes, multifarious lurid patterns -- and the caps are cheap enough for you to own a gaggle of them. Consider a darling pink cap -- "for anyone," says a store spokesman, "who has the nerve to wear one."

Welding caps. $3.45. Two or more, $3.17 each. Belco Welding Supply, 5303 46th Ave., Hyattsville. 779-6300. TO BACKTRACK

Care to increase your skill at speedy comebacks? Why, then, buy a boomerang. The Australia Design Store has, as one might expect, a goodly supply. Their wooden boomerangs (or 'rangs, if you're incredibly hip) come in models like the Kookaburra, the Hummingbird, the Albatross and the Pelican. For serious, bloodthirsty competition you upgrade to the Seagull and the Rangemaster. Then you get out there and execute maneuvers like the the wide-angle circle and the figure eight flight pattern, trying not to grunt as you throw. Special versions for lefties and children.

Boomerangs. $7.95 to $24.95. Australia Design Store, 529 14th St. NW. (The Shops at the National Press Building). 393-1180. BOTTOMS UP

Light-beer drinkers are a breed unto themselves. But they often mingle with the crowd, put their feet up on the coffee table, eat pretzels, watch football and act just like non-light- beer drinkers. Here is a way to set them apart at the next Redskins rally in the living room. Serve them their brew in the Light Beer Mug: It is a very traditional-looking glass beer stein but its plastic bottom conceals two batteries. When lifted, the mug lights up; when put down, the light goes off. It's a great companion during power failures. Would that there would be a comparable wine glass for all those spritzer drinkers.

Light beer mug. $10.98. Sheila's Hallmark, 3103 M St. NW. 333-2700.